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Cakes and lunches

Carole's policy for patisserie is to make simple but savory products using classic natural ingredients and locally available produce and seasonal fruit, as far as possible, without resorting to baking powder or chemical additives.


Carole’s homemade cakes and pastries use only flour, sugar, genuine butter, and Kurofuji farmstead eggs from free-run hens. No baking powder, no chemical additives or synthetic essences and no need for them. Instead we have developed our own techniques, and in some cases we employ liquors to enhance the taste of seasonal fruits which are abundant locally along with other local ingredients.

We use strawberries nourished with fresh underground water from the Yatsugatake mountains above us for shortcake, our original cheesecake and strawberry tarts, as well as our homemade strawberry soda. Our apples come mainly direct from an orchard in Suwa, Nagano; especially the tangy Kogyoku and Akibae apples, as well as Fuji, with which we prepare apple strudel and apple tarts as well as an original apple soda. The marmalade we make is an essential condiment for our orange butter cake and as a topping for cheesecake, and is made from Amanatsu oranges grown with minimal use of agrochemicals.

Yamanashi prefecture is endowed with various other fruits all year round and we hope you will enjoy them as we do in every season both on the menu and as daily specials when we try something new.

▶︎Takeout and special cakes

Carole's Cakes

Original Cheesecake

Carole's rare cheesecake, topped with a rich but lightly fresh cream with a piquant touch, incorporates fresh strawberries for the first half of the year and other seasonal fruits later on.

Baked Cheesecake

Shortcake with seasonal fruit

An ordinary combination of extraordinary sponge cake and whipped fresh cream is complemented by strawberries in winter and spring, peaches in summer, pears in the fall, and occasionally, sweet melon, all of which are harvested around Yamanashi and Nagano.

Gateau Chocolat

We use our own original blend of sweet chocolate and cacao solids to create a taste that is not too sweet with a touch of bitterness.

Tea Cake

Orange Butter Cake

Tarte aux Noix

Tarte aux Pommes

Apple Strudel

A thin crust of crisp pie dough encloses a mound of our blend of cooked, seasoned apples direct from a Suwa orchard and baked into a plump German style apple pie.

Other Seasonal Specialities

Tarte aux Fraises

Pie crust filled with our original custard cream and carpeted with fresh strawberries is not a regular on the menu, but one of the most eagerly-awaited pastries of the season.

Blueberry Chocolate Cake

Tarte à la Crème de Marrons

Sweet potato Tart

Tarte aux Poires

Apple Dumpling

A special rarity only offered in the day of Gibier Festival in the Moegi-no Mura in early fall.


Carole’s cake set à la mode comes with our original ice cream in several varieties, homemade on the premises. Milk comes from the Nobeyama highland a few kilometers away. Our vanilla ice cream is flavored with real vanilla beans. The milk gelato is composed of condensed milk, local Nobeyama milk, and real dairy cream. Savor our other varieties as well, including traditional caramel, real rum raisin, and frozen yogurt.






Tea Pot Service

Russian Tea (with homemade jam)

Original Strawberry Soda

Original Apple Soda

Original Shakes

Cake-hike: Cake on a Mountain Top

This service will restart from next spring.



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